Airbnb Management – How to Deal with the Slow Season

Airbnb Management Colorado Springs

Vacation Rentals – How to Deal with the Slow Season!

Hoste is an Airbnb management company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We manage around 60 rentals so we understand that the slow season can be a tough time. Many short-term rental owners grow nervous that they might not earn enough to make their investment worth it. That’s why we came up with a few helpful tips to think about during the slow season.

  1. Think of your revenue as a yearly average. Don’t live month to month on your income. This will only send you on an emotional rollercoaster; especially during the slow season. Let your monthly average over a year be the tell of how well your rental is doing!
  2. Give your listing “brand” time to build. Every listing has its own brand. Give yours time to build one for itself. From the photos to the reviews, it takes time for your listing to build up its ranking on the algorithms of Airbnb, HomeAway, or whichever site you use. Although these platforms usually give you a boost in the beginning. If your rental is coming online during the slow season, be patient! It will take extra time to move up in the ranking.
  3. Avoiding vacancy periods from long-term rentals. Long-term rentals typically have vacancy periods between renters. Usually you can avoid these vacancy periods by doing a short-term rental. This increases your monthly average revenue.
  4. Do upgrades and maintenance in the slow season. Make sure you’re doing any heavy maintenance or upgrades during the slow season. Don’t block off your rentals calendar in the busy season when your rental is earning the most.