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There’s nothing quite like a day on the water with your family or friends. During your short stay here, there is no shortage of things to do in Colorado Springs. Why not enjoy paddleboarding in some of Colorado Spring’s most beautiful open water areas. With us, we bring you paddleboards to your very own airbnb, so you can enjoy the day, without interruption.  

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Where to go
Paddleboarding in Colorado Springs

Paddleboarding is one of the unique activities where you can go anywhere as long as there is water. Goog;omg “lakes near Colorado Springs” or “paddleboarding rentals near me” can get you so far. But to ensure you have the best trip possible, you may consider going with a paddleboarding guide, local natives who know the region better than anyone else. Here at Hoste, we’ll take you to your desired location and show you how to paddleboard, or we’ll simply set you up with the proper equipment / knowledge to enjoy your day on the water with your group. 

Catamount Reservoir

Nestled just west of Highway 24, you’ll take Pikes Peak Highway all the way up to the ticket booth. From there, you’ll be charged $5 per person to enter Catamount Reservoir, but be mindful many people take Pikes Peak all the way to the summit, so make sure you tell them you are just going to Catamount. ALong the way, you’ll see Crystal Creek Reservoir, which has been dried up from the drought. The paved road will turn to dirt road, which means you’re getting close. Take these twists and turns along the gravel until at last you can see North Catamount Reservoir. Enjoy your day on the water with your quality rentals, or by request we will drive you up to the reservoir for a service charge of $30. For more information visit the Pikes Peak official website

Rampart Reservoir

Located an hour from Colorado Springs, Rampart Reservoir is just beyond Catamount Reservoir, about 15 minutes further down Highway 24. You will have to take a right onto Baldwin Street, and then another right onto Loy Creek Rd. From there you will go onto a bumpy dirt road called Rampart Range Road. Be advised that the road is rugged in parts, so mind your speed on this passage. You will notice many campsites on the way, which means you are well on your way to the beautiful Rampart Reservoir. We recommend leaving early enough to find parking, as weekend parking can become congested fairly quick. If there is no parking, your car will have to turn back. If you would like for us to drive you up there to spend a day on the water, we charge a small service fee. For more information read about it on the USDA’s official website. Permits for paddleboards are $6 per day.

Quail Lake Colorado Springs

Our most local spot for paddleboarding in Colorado Springs. Quail Lake is located just west of the Broadmoore World Arena, west of 1-25. This is the perfect place for a family picnic or to just relax by the water and enjoy the views. There are a number of yoga classes available to paddleboarding at this location from the unique Dragonfly Paddleboarding, which teaches you yoga poses on the water.  They also offer classes for paddleboarding at night with LED-lit paddleboardgs! However, if you want a hands-off approach, we offer our rentals for full days, $50 per person. We recommend this spot for those who don’t want to stay central Colorado Springs but still isolate from the noise of Colorado Springs

Monument Lake

Monument Lake is a major hot spot in terms of the pure variety of people who come here. You can find frisbee golfers, fishers, and of course paddleboarders. Just take 1-25 north towards exit 161 toward Monument / Palmer Lake. Then take 105 and keep straight onto 2nd street. Finally take a left on Mitchell Rd. At this point you cannot miss the Monument Lake sitting alongside the railroad. Parking is plentiful, but we recommend parking along the dirt road to avoid a congested parking lot. Once there, enjoy your rental paddleboards and soak up the day in the sun!

Why Choose Hoste to Plan Your Next Paddleboarding Trip?

We offer greater flexibility in terms of how you want to enjoy your day paddleboarding. Whether you want our paddleboarding guides to take you to the spot that catches your eye, or you consultation on where to go paddleboarding, or if you prefer to learn hands-on with a guide, we offer it all.

Some of the benefits of booking through Hoste include:

Easy Setup

We bring you everything you'll need to get out there, have fun, and be safe. With your life jacket required by Colordo law, a permit for your paddleboard, and of course - high quality paddleboards. - you'll be all set.

Flexible Planning

At $50 per board we will drop off the paddleboards at your airbnb so you can hit the road the next morning. Alternatively, we will teach your group how to paddle-board on the water, as well as provide transportation.

Simple Pricing

We offer our paddleboards for full -day use at just $50 per board. Great for families who want to share a board among kids and family members. Or for groups who want to have a cheap way to experience a great outdoor adventure.

Other places to take your paddleboards

  • Manitou Lake – is a five acre reservoir popular among campers, fishers, and hikers. A great, scenic place just next to Manitou Springs. $7 per vehicle. 
  • Palmer Lake – is a 32 acre regional park just a 10 minute drive from Monument Lake. You can knock two lakes out in one day if you so choose! We can also drive you between your desires lakes if you wish!
  • Prospect Lake – is another great place located central Colorado Springs. Adjacent to Memorial Park, you’ll enjoy both the greenery of the land and the serene waters popular among boaters and fishers alike. 
  • Big Stratton Reservoir – Close by to Quail Lake, you can enjoy a centralized open water experience. It is free, so this would be the most wallet-friendly option. 
  • Pueblo Lake – about a 50 mile south of Colorado Springs, you’ll find of of the most popular spots for water-lovers alike to go cliff-jumping, boating, fishing, and camping. 

Ready to go Paddleboarding? Let's go!

Going paddleboarding is easier than ever. All you have to do is give us a call, we’ll handle the rest. If you would like a guide to assist you, no problem. Rather hit the road with your freshly-delivered paddleboards? We can deliver high quality paddleboards right to your airbnb in our Hoste Van. If you’re just not sure which place to choose for your group’s outing, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. To get started, click below!