Catmount Falls Trail

 Catamount Falls Trail is a beautiful hike meant for those with some athletic ability. We’ll begin in the beautiful mountain town of Green Mountain Falls and start the hike with steep switchbacks leading up the mountain. Views overlooking the town are always present on the way up. Near the top we will traverse through Garden of Eden, a place lush with plant-life. Finally, we will reach Catamount Reservoir up top with unparalleled views of Pikes Peak reflected upon the vast waters. Finally, you’ve earned a rest. We’ll head back down the mountain in our Hoste van. 

This trail had everything. A waterfall, some technical spots, an open meadow, and then a reservoir to dip your feet in at the end. Loved it. I hiked up in Chacos and down in my boots. I have bad ankles and did fine without my poles.
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