Top 3 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Vacation Rental Revenue in Colorado

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Are your listing photos optimized?

Have you implemented a dynamic pricing strategy?

Have you expanded your listing across multiple platforms?

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1. Optimize Your Photos

Stand out with striking visuals. Highlight unique features like an outdoor fire pit or sunset patio dinner.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Adjust prices in real-time to stay competitive and maximize revenue.

3. Multiple Channels

List on multiple platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and to boost exposure and bookings.

Tip One

Optimize Your Photos

The first strategy is to perfect your listing's visual presentation. First impressions are key as potential guests browse online, visualizing their stay through photos. No iPhone photos! Professional photos will pay for themselves.

Highlight unique features, such as an outdoor fire pit or a sunset dinner on the patio. The initial photo should showcase the best aspect of your property.

Test photos and see which ones work best. Twilight photos are also a must to make your property stand out!

Tip Two

Implement Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Stunning photos and amenities mean little if pricing isn't optimized. Pricing must adapt to changing conditions—the right price one year might not be right the next.

Many homeowners misjudge their property's worth. Dynamic pricing adjusts in real-time, keeping your property competitive year-round. Static pricing can lead to overpricing in low seasons and underpricing during peaks.

At Hoste, we use pricing optimization, consistently tweaking and analyzing to balance booking rates and maximize revenue, staying ahead of market shifts.

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Tip Three

Expand Your Reach Across Multiple Channels

A common oversight among property owners and managers is limiting their listings to a single platform. Roughly one-third of bookings come from Airbnb, another third from other platforms like VRBO,, and Expedia, and the final third from direct searches. By listing exclusively on one platform, you're potentially missing out on two-thirds of guest traffic.

While managing multiple channels can be challenging, the increased exposure can significantly boost your booking rates. It’s about finding a balance—manage as many channels as you can effectively handle without compromising the quality of your operations.

"Hoste is a great company to use as your vacation rental manager with a level of service you do not see anywhere else. We have been in partnership since 2019 and I cannot say enough good things about them."

~ Megan P. Colorado Springs

Hi, I'm Craig at Hoste, and I understand where you are.

I understand the struggle of managing a vacation rental while juggling everything else in life. I knew there was more I could do, but I just didn't have the time to be a full-time hospitality manager for my Airbnb. That's when I started using Hoste as my vacation rental manager.

They took my vision for my home and enhanced it in ways I never imagined. I believed so much in what they were doing that I joined Hoste full-time. Hoste offers more than just higher earnings; they provide an exceptional experience for both guests and homeowners, elevating my vacation rental to the next level.

I've helped hundreds of homeowners improve their earnings

At Hoste, I've helped hundreds of homeowners improve their vacation rental earnings. Many choose our management service because they're either too busy or don't have the expertise to implement strategies themselves. We take over and significantly boost their property’s earnings through our program.

Featured testimonials from our clients

We've helped hundreds of homeowners earn more

I wanted to learn more about Hoste and how they manage vacation rentals. I met Craig Kallian at Hoste and showed me how high Hoste has set the bar for vacation rental management. They know the market inside and out.

Tom G.

Colorado Springs

We self-manage several properties up in the Denver area and Craig and Hoste helped us out by providing us with market data, set-up advice, and general management. They also served as my go-to for any STR legislation such as the SB33 bill that would have quadrupled our taxes.

Carmen P.


I run my own short-term rental business in my home, so I was unable to use Hoste. However, Craig has provided me numerous tips on how to set up my space and market data from the Colorado Springs market. I highly recommend using Craig and Hoste for your STR needs.

Chris C.

Colorado Springs

Hoste is a great company to use as your vacation rental manager with a level of service you do not see anywhere else. We have been in partnership since 2019 and I cannot say enough good things about them

Megan P.

Colorado Springs

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